Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Window Shopping: To buy or not to buy....

Mustard Skinny Jeans - £16
Blouse - £14

20% off everything in store would make this outfit £24

After my recent pleasant surprise in the form of an ASOS dress I have decided to branch out. I always assume that I wont be able to fit into certain stores so just don't even bother looking. Which is a huge shame as I end up limiting myself to the same 3 shops and walking around like a huge advert for their latest collection.

I noticed a few weeks back that Peacocks have a huge sale on, probably something to do with them going into administration but who am I to turn down a bargain!?

I have never even walked into a Peacocks store, the clothes in the window always looks aimed at kids and it never really appealed. When I saw their latest range and their collection by Pearl Lowe I decided to venture inside...

I was really pleased to see that they went up to a size 20 but didn't hold out much hope as I am a pessimist and I imagined their sizing to be teeny.

So in a fit of bravery today I ventured in and grabbed some adorable mustard skinny jeans and a cute blouse/top to test out their sizing.


AND ... Look how nice they make my bum look.

Yes I really did stand in a peacocks changing room taking pictures of my arse in jeans

The jeans were a smidge tight on the tummy, not in a bad way while standing but I can imagine sitting would get a bit painful... But the legs and bum were perfect!

I am in two minds, should I go back and buy? They might close down soon and I might never get the chance, but then again they were a little tight, but I am starting Zumba soon so might lose an inch or two... Decisions, decisions...

Help me decide?


  1. Cheap outfit! I would say DO NOT BUY though as buying clothes that are a bit small has never worked out for me!