Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New dress, new boots, new hair... Oh my!

I have managed to bag myself to really great bargains recently through the magic of Twitter! A few lovely bloggers that I follow have been having blog sales and advertising clothing for sale over twitter.
This lovely dress was a bargain at just £5 from the lovely Danielle from A Blog from Blackpool.

It was originally from Asos, which is a place I have never actually shopped before. I am always wary of sizing as I have heard horror stories about teeny sizes and also the fact that their "curve" models are totally un-curvy really puts me off.

The dress itself is a silky fabric with a shaped neckline and tulip style skirt.
It is a little on the big side around the bust but teamed with a waist belt it is perfect! I love the pattern and skirt length.

The boots pictured were also a blog sale bargain from the lovely Toni from My Plus Size Wardrobe. Just £5 and they are really cute and a perfect fit!

I also re-hennaed my hair this weekend. I am a natural red head but I love using Henna to brighten my natural colour. I had some frankly terrible roots on show so bit the bullet and re-did it. I was worried I might end up with flame red roots and dark hair but it actually worked perfectly. The coverage was really even and the colour is gorgeous! The above dress photo was taken pre-henna so is more my natural shade, so you can see it really makes it pop!

I toyed with the idea of posting a "how-to" guide to henna, would you like to see that on the blog?

I battled my problem of no full length mirror at home, but sneaking into a debenhams changing room over the weekend! Genius!