Thursday, 12 January 2017


Monday, 16 April 2012

Ding dong Avon calling...

I have recently become an Avon lady, it has been both a good and bad experience. I have made a bit of commission but a lot of that has gone on products for myself! I have to say I am a fan of a lot of their products.

I have found myself experimenting more with make-up a lot more and making more of an effort day to day. I have settled on my everyday make-up (see pictures). It is light and subtle and easy to do. I am a huge fan of their Ideal Flawless foundation, it is such a lovely colour match and isn't too heavy. Also the coverage is pretty flawless (go figure).

I have also started using an eyebrow pencil for the first time ever, it is a revelation! I am a natural redhead but don't have ginger eyebrows, instead they are a mousey brown. By defining them with a brown pencil it really frames my face and looks great!

I also love their eyeshadow quads and glimmerstick eyeliners, I am working the natural brown palette and smokey diamond glimmer stick mostly with a subtle flick at the outer corners. I love it

It really is amazing what lovely make-up does to your confidence.

I have never had great skin, I was a spotty teen and still have the odd breakout. So this boost in confidence is worth its weight in gold for me.

Do you have a favourite brand or style? Share your tips!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Look how fancy...

So, I gave myself a fancy pants french polish.

I suddenly feel all fancy, like one of those women who wash their hair everyday and iron things.

This makes it totally OK that I am still in my pyjamas at 5pm and couldn't be bothered to blow dry my hair this morning so am rocking a messy french braid with the hope of having awesome big eighties kinky hair in the morning.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Blog Sale!

Having a clear out and selling some of the clothes that either don't fit or I don't wear often. All in good condition. Postage is set at £2.00.

60's Style pinafore dress - New Look - Size 18


Chain print t-shirt - H&M BB - Size XL (20)


Floral summer top - New Look Inspire - Size 20


Grey waistcoat - Evans size 20.


Navy/red detail bow blouse - Monsoon - Size 22


Sequin detail dress - Beth Ditto for Evans - Size 20


Black & Red Bustier Pencil Dress- Ebay - size 20


Black cape style cardigan with waist tie - M&S - Size 18/20 (cape style so generous fit)


Brown ruffle cardigan - Betty Jackson Black - Size 20 £12

Navy wide leg linen trousers - M&S Autograph - Size 22


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Henna Experiment

So I am a natural red head, probably more of a ginger really. The photo above is of me with my natural hair colour.

I have always been terrified to dye my hair, I think it was a hairdresser I had when I was about 12 who told me that you can't use normal dye on red hair or it will turn green! I am pretty sure my Mum put him up to it so I wouldn't dye my hair but it totally worked!

Recently my hair has been looking a bit lifeless, I haven't had it cut for far too long and it was just dull and boring.

I had been thinking of trying Lush's Henna for a while so just decided to bite the bullet and try it. The staff in the store could not have been more helpful and reassured me that it would work well on my hair.

The one I used was their Caca Rouge, it comes in a big block which you finely chop and mix with hot water to form a gloopy yoghurt-like mess.

I slathered it all over my hair, root to tips, making sure to cover it completely. Also make sure you wear gloves as this stuff will stain everything it touches!

Once I was sure my hair was fully saturated I wrapped my entire head in clingfilm. The instructions didn't say to do this but to be honest it made the whole thing a lot easier and cleaner. Also some forums mentioned it helped give a more intense colour.

I left the Henna on my head for around 3 hours, I would probably leave it on longer the next time but I was slightly scared that it would leave it with bright orange hair rather than a sumptuous red I was after.

I was so over the moon with the results I cannot even begin to describe it! It made my hair soft, silky and smooth and the colour is so rich and vibrant but without being over the top bright.
I feel it really gives my hair a natural boost and I absolutely love it!

So what do you think? Love it?
Any red heads out there with advice about other types of hair dye? I am such a novice and would love to experiment some more!

OOTD - Cosy Work Wear

When I woke up this morning my phone told me it was -5 outside! I cannot tell you how difficult it was to drag my self out of my warm bed and into the shower. Its days like today I really wish I could work from home!

I work in a very old Victorian converted townhouse, which has a very old victorian heating system so it can be pretty baltic in the office with my trusty electric heater providing little comfort. Some days the heating will sputter into action and turn the usual baltic conditions practically tropical!
There really is no way of knowing how warm or cold it is going to be on a day-to-day basis.

So I dress accordingly! Light layers, easy to remove or add to depending on the mood of the heating on that day.

Dress - George at Asda - £5 (sale)
Cardigan - Peacocks £10 (sale)
Black leggings - Sainsburys
Boots - Blog sale over at My Plus Size Wardrobe.
Necklace - Vintage shop in Newcastle about 5 years ago for about £2

Today I am wearing one of my favourite dresses, it was a sale item from George at asda and fits me really well. I love the ditzy print and shape of it, it is super flattering. The cardigan was a recent Peacocks purchase and is the warmest thing ever! I love the thick texture and plummy brown colour.

I feel really comfy and warm in this ensemble, but still fashionable and work appropriate.

I have also recently started adding texture and a slight curl to my hair using my GHD straighteners! I love the relaxed curl it gives you. Anyone else do this?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Casual Weekend OOTD

T shirt - £4 Peacocks Jeans - £16 Peacocks
Cardigan - £10 Peacocks Boots - £30 Evans
Necklace - £1.50 accessorize sale

So last week I went a bit mad in Peacocks. They had a big sale on and I ended up spending around £50 in total, but got an absolute butt-load of stuff; all in all a pretty successful shopping trip.

I did end up getting the mustard jeans from my previous post, but decided against the tent-style top as I have decided I need to start making more of my curves instead of hiding them from the world.

This was what I wore on Saturday. This was my first attempt at using the timer on my digital camera so forgive the bad photograph. I will keep experimenting and hopefully my photography will improve over time.

I love the vibrant colours in this outfit and cannot wait to try these jeans in a variety of looks.

Do you think I am a bit too colourful here? Would you tone down the yellow jeans with darker pieces, or go even brighter?