Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Henna Experiment

So I am a natural red head, probably more of a ginger really. The photo above is of me with my natural hair colour.

I have always been terrified to dye my hair, I think it was a hairdresser I had when I was about 12 who told me that you can't use normal dye on red hair or it will turn green! I am pretty sure my Mum put him up to it so I wouldn't dye my hair but it totally worked!

Recently my hair has been looking a bit lifeless, I haven't had it cut for far too long and it was just dull and boring.

I had been thinking of trying Lush's Henna for a while so just decided to bite the bullet and try it. The staff in the store could not have been more helpful and reassured me that it would work well on my hair.

The one I used was their Caca Rouge, it comes in a big block which you finely chop and mix with hot water to form a gloopy yoghurt-like mess.

I slathered it all over my hair, root to tips, making sure to cover it completely. Also make sure you wear gloves as this stuff will stain everything it touches!

Once I was sure my hair was fully saturated I wrapped my entire head in clingfilm. The instructions didn't say to do this but to be honest it made the whole thing a lot easier and cleaner. Also some forums mentioned it helped give a more intense colour.

I left the Henna on my head for around 3 hours, I would probably leave it on longer the next time but I was slightly scared that it would leave it with bright orange hair rather than a sumptuous red I was after.

I was so over the moon with the results I cannot even begin to describe it! It made my hair soft, silky and smooth and the colour is so rich and vibrant but without being over the top bright.
I feel it really gives my hair a natural boost and I absolutely love it!

So what do you think? Love it?
Any red heads out there with advice about other types of hair dye? I am such a novice and would love to experiment some more!


  1. Looks lovely !
    I have always wanted to try the lush henna !
    But think its abit too messy for me :)