Saturday, 7 January 2012

Monochrome Magic

Well, I am new to this whole "taking photos of myself" business so apologies for the awful quality but here is my very first outfit post.
Black Jeans - Evans (£15 in sale)
White long sleeve top - H&M BB Collection £12.99
Dogtooth Jumper - H&M BB Collection £24.99
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins (£3 in sale)
I am a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to clothes, I don't earn an awful lot so am always on the look out for a bargain or sale. However, after my Birthday last year I spotted this gorgeous dogtooth jumper in H&M. I would of normally scoffed at the £25 price tag (I told you I was cheap!) but as I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket I snapped it up.

The first few times I wore it I felt like a million bucks, however, after the first wash it shrunk terribly. I followed the instructions on the label but it still lost about 6-8 inches in length! So I took it back and exchanged it for a new one assuming it must of been a dud one.

When I washed the new jumper I did it on a cool wash, it still lost 3-4 inches in length which was disappointing but it is wearable so I kept it; I'm just crazy for that dogtooth!

The moral of the story is that H&M don't seem to pre-wash their knitwear so I would buy a bigger size in future to try and combat this.

I am normally quite a colourful dresser so this monochrome look is a bit of a change for me, but the bold print still makes me feel quirky and fun. Although I am on the lookout for some bright coloured skinny jeans as I think they would look fabulous with this jumper.


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